🦊Use with Metamask

Our blockchain RPC endpoints are compatible with Metamask. Learn how you can use our endpoints with Metamask.

Using free, public blockchain RPC can sometimes lead to slower page loads in dApps, or worst-case, make them not work at all. However, it is possible to use premium paid RPC endpoints, such as Fiews, to ensure a better experience.

Using Metamask with Fiews has some benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Access to a pool of blockchain nodes, used by production apps and Chainlink nodes, among others

  • Proprietary TX broadcasting logic, ensuring your transactions are broadcast across the network, reducing the wait times for miners and explorers to pick up your transactions.

Here's a quick guide on how you can use Metamask with Fiews:

If you already have a Fiews subscription, feel free to skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Get a Fiews subscription

Head over to the Fiews dashboard and create a new subscription. Once activated, it will look something like this:

Take note of the RPC URL for the network you want to use. The RPC URL will begin with https://.... Keep in mind that these URLs contain your private API key, and should not be shared with anyone.

Step 2: Set up Metamask

In Metamask, you can choose to either add a new network or edit the RPC of an existing network you've previously added.

Option A: Adding a new network

In your Metamask, click the network name you're currently connected to, and click the "Add network" button at the bottom of the list.

Here you'll have to fill out 5 fields:

Network name: This is a name for you to identify which network this configuration is for. For instance, you can name Polygon "Polygon Fiews". New RPC URL: This is the RPC URL for the network. You'll find the Fiews RPC URL as described in Step 1 of this guide. Chain ID: This is the chain ID for this network. Check out the table below if you're not sure. Currency Symbol: This is the ticker of the currency used on this chain, e.g. "ETH" or "MATIC". Check out the table below if you're not sure. Block Explorer URL: Give it the link of the block explorer of this chain, so you can quickly view your transactions in this explorer. Check out the table below if you're not sure.

Network nameChain IDCurrency SymbolBlock Explorer URL

Ethereum Mainnet (Fiews)



Polygon Mainnet (Fiews)



BSC Mainnet (Fiews)



Option B: Modifying an existing network

Metamask does not allow you to change the RPC URL for Ethereum mainnet. If you want to use Fiews for Ethereum you'll have to add a new network to Metamask.

In Metamask, click the account visualization in the top right corner. Then click Settings. Scroll down and click Networks.

From this list, find the network you want to change and click it.

You will be given the same input fields as in option A, except pre-filled with the values you already had. The only thing you want to change is the New RPC URL field, which will be the Fiews RPC URL as described in Step 1.

Step 3: Use the updated network! 🎉

The network should now be ready, and you can select it in the network dropdown in Metamask. When using the network you created/updated, you are using a Fiews RPC endpoint!

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